Limitations: Browser Safari, tablets and smartphones are not yet supported due to technical limitations.

Hello, I am capty. I can record your screen.

No more complicated explanations via email. Record what you do on your screen and send the video to friends, colleagues, customers and support staff. Directly in your internet browser, no plugins or programs required. Maximum recording time for a video is 30 minutes.

How capty works

1 Once you click "start recording", your browser records what you do on your screen. The browser also records your audio/voice so you can explain things as you show them on your screen. It does not record a video of you, and can only record what you see on your monitor.

2 Switch to the programm or window and start explaining.

3 When you have finished press "stop" or "stop sharing" at the bottom of your screen.

4 You can now download the video.

From the makers of Fair Analytics.

Fair Analytics is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. It is easy to integrate and GDPR-compliant without any further presettings.


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